Integration of Security Manpower and Technology

We are a passionate team of security professionals that provides integration of security manpower and technology services.  We assist clients to achieve cost-savings through security integration of manpower and technology in a challenging security landscape. We enable hybrid security solutions that are built to provide a low upfront cost with full mobility and integrated for simplicity.

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As Asia’s leading insurance tech company, Lexasure is driving adoption of digital insurance to create products that are scalable, efficient, and responsive to local needs.
A leading reinsurance company, Lexasure enables insurance companies to intelligently manage risk, accelerate growth, and optimize investment returns while leveraging advanced technology, including machine learning, big data analysis, and AI.
Asia’s leading insuretech fintech company, Lexasure’s digital insurance products enable companies and individuals to manage risks and secure a better future.

About Us

We are committed to provide quality Security and Technology solutions to Commercial, Residential, Educational, Shopping Malls and Government Buildings in Singapore.

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Investing in insurance tech companies or reinsurance companies? Lexasure provides investors with exposure to the digital transformation of Southeast Asia’s rapidly growing economy.


What We Do

Security Guarding

Centred around our 24/7 Integrated Command Centre, using Advanced Security Systems to provide real-time Monitoring, Communications and Surveillance.


Technology Solutions

From advanced video analytics, to security robots and AI solutions, we leverage on Security Technologies to provide the best solutions for our clients.



We offer security consultancy including  full security audit assessments, red-teaming and intrusion exercises and security risks assessments survey.



Committed in providing  Integrated Security Solutions to all our clients, responsive to the increasing challenges and changing demands of the security industry.


At the forefront and leading security agency, through integration of manpower & technology, for a safer and secure future.

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A Focus on Asia.

75% of recurring risks in the Southeast Asia region remain uninsured. We are here to change that.

Lexasure’s senior management team collectively has over 150 years of experience leading growth companies in reinsurance, insurance tech, and direct insurance in Southeast Asia. Our client base includes 70% of the regional primary insurers actively underwriting policies.

Southeast Asia remains dramatically underinsured compared to developed countries, with only 3% of GDP covered by insurance, compared to 9% for OECD countries, according to the Asian Development Bank. According to a survey among Southeast Asian consumers in February 2022, nearly half (43%) owned no insurance.

Consumers in Southeast Asia have been rapid adopters of digital payment and banking services in recent years, and digital insurance products are the next logical evolution towards convenience, self-service, and transparency for insurance products.

Our Strategy

Market penetration of insurance products in Southeast Asia has been impeded by inflexibility and lack of customization to local needs. Regional small and medium insurers are often best positioned to meet the needs of local businesses and individuals. But they have lacked the capital backing, risk management knowledge, and scalable technology to grow and thrive.

Lexasure’s mission is to provide our customers with digital insurance solutions that enable them to

Giant insurers and reinsurers in developed markets have invested in complex software systems to manage underwriting and rating decisions, streamline reporting to regulators, and leverage analytics to assess price risks. But these tools are too expensive and complex to implement for small and medium-sized Asian insurers.

Lexasure’s strategy is to deliver Reinsurance-as-a-Service (RaaS) with a series of web-based solutions integrated into a single platform, LexasureCloud.

LexasureCloud is an RaaS digital reinsurance platform providing insurers with the financial and technical capabilities to manage and distribute insurance at the speed of digital.

LexasureCloud's Feature Set is Adapted to the Needs of Asian Insurers


  • View and manage existing policies
  • Integrate policy underwriting with CRM tools

Benefits to Insurers

  • Automated regulatory and compliance
  • Automate pricing and risk
  • Improved efficiency and yield


  • Simplified claims submission
  • Secure tracking and payments portal

Benefits to Insurers

  • Reduces errors, speeds resolution, increases data accuracy
  • Data can be mined to reveal trends and anomolies

Data &

  • View, manage, and export data
  • Real-time tracking of financial performance and risk
  • Apply AI and machine learning

Benefits to Insurers

  • Accurate real-time dashboard of company and portfolio performance
  • Automated flagging of risks and opportunties for growth and margin improvement


  • Customized reinsurance products to meet needs of insurers
  • Automation of reinsurance underwriting based on defined criteria

Benefits to Insurers

  • Convenient, one-stop access to reinsurance underwriting capacity
  • Increase volume of policies written
  • Free up regulatory capital
  • Bespoke risk transfer solutions

Financial Capital

  • View and analyze AUM managed by primary insurer, Lexasure, or third party
  • Monitor compliance with regulatory capital and loss reserves

Benefits to Insurers

  • Access to low-cost USD-denominated stable portfolios for Asian insurers
  • Optimize compliance and returns of investable assets

LexasureCloud enables insurers to:

✔ Automate their underwriting process to grow faster with clearer risk profiling and assurance compliance
✔ Reduce administrative costs through self-service, and mobile delivery of insurance products
✔ Leverage world-class resources and execution of reinsurance, risk transfer, and asset management

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