About Us

A Safer and Secure Future, Through Integration of Manpower and Technology

About Aspectus

Aspectus Security is a leading security services provider in Singapore. Founded in 2012, our dynamic team comprises a young and experienced team from varied backgrounds (ex-law enforcers, military, security managers, engineers, developers and start-ups). Over the years, we have grown exponentially and employed more than 200 trained security officers deployed across Singapore.  In addition, our team of passionate security professionals aim to continuously improve the quality and best practices in the security industry by integrating Manpower and Technology to achieve an effective and efficient Security Operations. We are a licensed and certified Grade “A” security agency for the year 2019, 2020 and 2021.

ASPECTUS organizational set-up is centered around its 24-hour Central Command Centre, which oversees its day and night security operations. With state-of-the-art trainings and incorporating rigorous digital platform for our Security Operations and trainings. We provide a skilled workforce to deliver hybrid security needs. As part of ASPECTUS family, we believe in keeping every employee motivated with individual skills development and constant career advancement.


Mr Jason

Tower Transit Singapore

Aspectus has a very responsive operation security team. They assisted TTS in securing our bus depots and interchanges and implement a series of security systems technology solutions, to enhance the safety and security of our buildings and premises.”

Mr Teo

Haw Par Corporation Limited

“We feel safe to entrust our buildings to Aspectus Security team. The supervisor at HPC was very responsible and works well with the team. Well done Aspectus and thank you for taking care of our building for several years.”

Mr. Christopher

Yue Hwa Chinese Products

We are very pleased with Aspectus secuirty team services in securing our premises. We will definitely recommend Aspectus Secuirty services to anyone who needs security.”