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Security Technology Solutions

We provide Security and Manpower integration to achieve an effective and efficient workforce to enhance the overall Security Operations. By leveraging on technologies such as Automated Access Control System, Vehicle Licence Plate Recognition System and Video Analytics CCTVs through our 24hrs central Command Centre, we provide remote surveillance and monitoring services to all our clients. We believe in making full utilization of available technologies to enhance security and safety for all our clients.

Integrated Central Command Centre

24/7 Central Command Centre

Access Control System

Intelligent Access Control Security

Remote Monitoring Services

With Advanced Video Analytics

Integrated Command Centre

Centered around our 24-Hour Integrated Command Centre, the complexity of today’s security operations require that they operate in a single user interface to increase situational awareness and reduce response time.

At Aspectus, we host an integrated command centre that fully integrate security systems such as video analytics and remote monitoring to our entire security operations.  This allows next-level visualization, control and communication to enhance the security operations.Our integrated command centre conduct monitoring and real-time awareness of situational Security Operations, Surveillance and CCTV Video Analytics systems, with our customized Aspectus Security Workforce Systems and more.

SMART Access Control

Door Access Control System is popular among building management and offices in Singapore for providing a reliable form of access control security. It  is the combination of digital hardware and software that electronically manages the physical access to entry entrances of a secure building facility. The objective of installing this is to manage and selectively give access for authorized personnel to specific areas on a predefined schedule while tracking attendance.

Security Robots and AI Solutions

Integrating AI solutions tailored for the Security Industry.  Video Analytics systems in CCTV is growing popularity and ranked among top businesses in Singapore. Generally, these CCTV cameras have a compact dome or bullet design form factor, allowing them to be easily deployed and connected wirelessly. With wireless networks and mobility, it enhances Security Operations and enable effective monitoring and surveillance.

Some of our deployed AI solutions are:
SECURITY ROBOT for Patrolling, Monitoring and Surveillance
CCTV-VA, Video Analytics Systems
Vehicle License Plate Recognition System – Virtual Guard Station
Facial Recognition System
Confined Area RFID System
Security Workforce Management System

Aspectus is a modern security agency providing bespoke security services by integrating Security Manpower & Technology solutions.  Our clients include commercial, residential, shopping malls, higher learning institutions, public transportation sector and government buildings in Singapore.

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